December 2, 2023

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How Wearing Jewellery Can Help Others Perceive You More Positively

As much as we hate to think about it, taking an interest in how other people perceive us is a common concept. In a society where we can post and present ourselves online, there is a lot of importance placed on what others think of us and what we can do to be perceived as better people. There are many studies and psychology behind how wearing jewellery can improve the overall perception that others have in a positive light. If you are not already wearing jewellery, chances are you will benefit from the reflection that showcases to your peers. Looking after our appearance is one thing, but the finishing touches such as wearing bespoke pieces can really elevate our confidence, and also how confident we express ourselves to others.

In this blog post, we will discuss the significance of wearing jewellery daily, and how exactly it improves the perception of your peers:

Halo effect

If you do not have an understanding of what the halo effect is, it is especially a term that was coined within the world of psychology to express the judgement that is placed onto one person to another that looks attractive or well put together. Have you ever looked at someone and assumed they were a kind person due to their admirable looks and style? Wearing jewellery can also heighten the results that the halo effect has on those around you. Looking great and paying attention to your outfit by wearing beautiful pieces such as vintage earrings will put you a step ahead. The halo effect works in many mysterious ways, but expect to have a higher chance of getting that job application accepted if you look put together with your jewellery choices!

Attentive connotations

Wearing jewellery is not something everyone does. Of course, we all have our favourite pieces that we wear daily, but at the same time, very few people know how to style pieces of jewellery with their clothing specifically. If you can make jewellery look noticeable and also a focal point of your look, it shows much greater attention to detail and therefore connotes you being an attentive person. No one wishes to be associated with someone who has little care or interest. Instead, showing that you care about little things would reflect on your personality and outlook on the world.

Increased self-confidence

We are all a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Wearing jewellery that makes you feel much more positive and happy about yourself will also reflect when others interact with you. People are much more drawn towards people who have high levels of self-worth and also know they are high-value individuals, therefore if you dress with a special vintage engagement ring daily, this will also reflect on your self-confidence.


People who are much braver with their jewellery pieces are more likely to be perceived as extroverted people. For example, more dramatic jewellery pieces such as art deco and other artistic jewellery are only worn by the most extroverted people. Extroverts are known to be the life of the party and loved by all. If you would like for more people to see that side of you, dressing in more fun jewellery daily will give you the nudge you need!

Bottom line

Overall, jewellery is a simple yet effective tool for improving the perception that others have of you. Wearing pieces that reflect your responsibility and how you would like to be perceived is proven to make more people attracted and drawn to you! If you would like to be known as high value, wear expensive jewellery. If you wish to be known as an expressive fun person, wear arty jewellery with lots of colour.

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