December 2, 2023

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The Essential Clothes Every Man Needs

There are many clothes that a man can wear but only some fit every occasion. They can look good with every season and nobody would judge you for wearing them. It could be the simplest of clothes but only if they are worn with the right garments. That is the positive about men’s fashion. It can never look too dull. As long as you wear one standout piece. Let’s take a look at the garments that suit everybody and look just as stylish as the most expensive brands out there. 

White T-Shirts

The first item on the list is the white t-shirt however, don’t just have one white tee. You have to have multiple in a variety of styles. It is such a simple garment but it looks great with anything that you wear. All you need to do is make sure you wear something that looks good with it. 

You have oversized white tees, relaxed fitted white tees, muscle fit, and an unbranded white tee. All of these look great with whatever you wear, as long as you are wearing the right piece of clothing with it. 

During summer, we suggest an oversized white tee that is gently tucked into your shorts. Don’t tuck it in too much as you want it to overhang your shorts so it doesn’t look like you have tucked it in. 

Oxford Shirts

A variety of Oxford shirts in different colours are another essential item to have in your mens wardrobe. These shirts are great for all occasions however, they are better won in the office or for slightly dressy occasions. Just make sure you wear a pair of pants with a shirt to not make it look out of place. A decent pair of brogue shoes will complete the look but you can opt for a pair of trainers if you wish to follow the smart casual style. 

White Trainers

Another essential item is a pair of white trainers and there is no argument against this. They are the perfect pair of footwear that can go with anything. For a summer outfit with your men’s twin set? Yes, white trainers look great with that. What about a pair of pants and a zipped polo? yes, they even look better with that. 

Another great point to make about white trainers is that they are good for all seasons. Even during autumn/winter when you wear a full tracksuit. They are a great item that every man should own so if you don’t have a pair, you have to buy yourself some.


Men’s fashion is very simple. There is no need to wear branded clothing. As long as you have a sense of style and can match colours with each other, you won’t go far wrong. Just make sure you have the essential products in your wardrobe so you can wear them all year round. Men’s fashion is thriving at the moment as there are so many different brands to buy from. 

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